Servant Leadership in the 21st Century: Waxing or Waning?

Since I’m on a personal vacation day today I thought I would simply reblog or repost an article I’ve written in the past comparing servant leadership to other leadership models in response to a Forbes article. The Forbes article simply asked why isn’t servant leadership more prevalent today? And that got me wondering about other models that might be more prevalent in business in lieu of servant leadership. Hope you enjoy the article and are not distracted by the overt Boy Scout references within the article.

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A recent Forbes article (click here) asked the question “Why Isn’t Servant Leadership More Prevalent?

After providing a brief definition for context, the author points out many positive benefits for both the team of followers and the leader who chooses the path of “servant leadership”:

  1. Ready for the hike bsa 1911 handbookresearch suggests that servant leaders are not only more highly regarded than others by their employees and not only feel better about themselves at the end of the day but are more productive as well (Adam Grant, “Give and Take”)
  2. Servant leadership is designed to empower direct reports to succeed and to become servants to each other
  3. this model, when consistently applied, should also generate leadership qualities in those being led
  4. the establishment of genuine “community” within the workplace
  5. for Christians, it may be a reflection of obedience to instructions provided in Mark 10:42-45

The list of positive outcomes from consistent…

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