I’ve long been fascinated by discussions about leadership.  Are leaders born or made? What are the various models of leadership and what are their strengths and vulnerabilities? How do I become a better leader for my family, my business or my team?

I often find myself with a few quiet moments on Friday afternoons as I clean up “leftover” work from earlier in the week.  During these moments, I reflect on the highs and lows of team projects I’ve been involved with (or subjected to) during that week and how things could have gone smoother.

Growing up, I was active in Boy Scouts of America and their programs develop highly practical leadership in response to various outdoor adventures.  They’ve always placed the responsibility to plan, lead and execute meetings and trips squarely on the shoulders of the boys in the troop.  Learning self reliance by overcoming surmountable obstacles, and by learning from one’s own mistakes, is a good way to burn in the value of “being prepared” and investing in one’s team as “first among equals”.

So if you enjoy musings about leadership, I invite you to read my weekly posts where I share experiences from my youth, and from my present.